Bluetooth & NFC - BlueMod +S (Bluetooth low energy)

BlueMod +S

The single mode module is designed to connect ultra low power wireless sensors and peripherals to Bluetooth v4.0/v4.1-equipped smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The small form factor (17x10x2.6 mm) Bluetooth Smart module has a range of up to 50m. The module is Bluetooth 4.1, CE, FCC, IC and KCC qualified.

BlueMod+S is a Bluetooth solution for smartphone connectivity and cable replacement applications with low energy consumption. With our development kit BlueDev+S you can develop your own firmware on the BlueMod+S and receive the modules flashed with your own firmware directly from production.


The BlueMod+S and BlueMod+SR as well as the BlueMod+S42 modules are mechanically and electrically compatible. The modules also have compatible software interfaces and can easily be replaced by each other without additional changes to the hardware or software.


  • Bluetooth Low Energy Module
  • Bluetooth Qualification 4.1
  • CE, FCC, IC and KCC certified
  • OTA firmware updates
  • Sample Code for iOS and Android


Terminal I/O and GATT

  • Terminal I/O peripheral
  • Generic GATT server

GATT Central and Terminal I/O peripheral in parallel

  • Generic GATT central with up to 3 parallel connections
  • Terminal I/O peripheral
  • Location based services (RSSI based)

Automation I/O Peripheral

  • Designed for hostless battery driven operations
  • Automation I/O profile
  • OTA configuration
  • GPIO transfer
  • ADC support