Bluetooth & NFC - BlueMod +S42 (Bluetooth low energy 4.2)


The BlueMod+S42 is a next generation Bluetooth single mode module based on the nRF52 Nordic chipset. It is designed for smartphone connectivity and cable replacement applications with low energy consumption. The BlueMod+S42 supports the Terminal I/O profile as well as most GATT based profiles through a generic GATT server.

Development and Evaluation Kit

The developer kit BlueDev+S42 enables rapid prototyping of solutions based on new and other upcoming modules to support developers and integrators.

The evaluation kit BlueEva+S42 is available to support Telit customers to implement Bluetooth modules in their application.
Family Concept

The BlueMod+S and BlueMod+SR as well as the BlueMod+S42 modules are mechanically and electrically compatible. The modules also have compatible software interfaces and can easily be replaced by each other without additional changes to the hardware or software.


  • Bluetooth v4.2 qualified module
  • CE, FCC, IC certified
  • Generic GATT Client and Server
  • Concurrent central and peripheral operations
  • Terminal I/O for fast and easy transparent data transfer
  • Sample code for iOS and Android
  • NFC Support for simple pairing

Supported Bluetooth 4.2 features:

  • LE Secure Connections
  • L2CAP connection oriented channels
  • Long MTU size
  • Data packet length extension