Bluetooth & NFC - BlueMod +S42M(Smart Module)


The BlueMod+S42M is a Bluetooth 4.2 qualified single mode module with embedded 3 axis accelerometer and Temperature/Humidity sensors. Supporting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), this certified module is well suited for applications which demand low power consumption and rely on MEMS sensors that monitor motion and environmental changes. The BlueMod+S42M supports the Terminal I/O profile (SPP-like) for serial cable replacement use cases as well as most GATT based Bluetooth profiles through a generic GATT implementation which greatly simplifies and accelerates the development of applications.

Development and Evaluation Kit

The developer kit BlueDev+S42M enables rapid prototyping of solutions based on new and other upcoming modules to support developers and integrators.

TIO Utlity and Environment Sensing Services Utility can be downloaded freely from the store.

Family Concept

The BlueMod+Sx family, which includes BlueMod+S, +SR, +S42, and the +S42M, is mechanically and electrically compatible. The modules also have compatible software interfaces and can easily be replaced by each other without additional changes to the hardware or software.

  • Market segments
  • Cold chain monitoring
  • Special package handling
  • Asset tracking
  • Medical market
  • TV Remote Controller
  • Access control
  • BlueModS42M
  • Key Features: BlueMod+S42M
  • Bluetooth v4.2 Qualified Module
  • RED, SRRC, NCC Certified
  • Generic GATT Client and Server
  • LE Secure Connections
  • LE Privacy
  • Configurable DIS (Device Information Service)
  • Terminal I/O for Easy Transparent Data Transfer (BLE- SPP like)
  • Sensors management (Environment Sensing Services utility)
  • Beacon mode
  • Over-the-Air Updates
  • TIO and ESS Utilities Sample Code for iOS and Android
  • WeChat AirSync Protocol