Sub -1GHz - LE70-868


The Telit LE70-868 operates in the 868 MHz ISM license free frequency bands with Tx power up to ½W. It is ideally suited for replacing communication over cables such as RS485 links (Profibus, Modbus) and half-duplex RS232 links (transparent mode),with wireless technology for use in one or two-way data links for up to 10Km in range. LE70-868 modules are ideal for applications such as remote monitoring for the water, petroleum and gas industries, traffic lights and irrigation.


Available in LGA format, these FCC & IC certified RF modules provide a TTL RS232 interface, integrated digital and analog Os and can be easily integrated into applications such as energy monitoring, for windmills and solar panels, weather stations and irrigation.


  • CE certified module
  • LGA xE Form Factor
  • TTL RS232 interface
  • Industrial temperature range