Product Description

RHF0M003 LoRaWAN Module is a low cost, low power and ultra-small size module, embedded with Semtech’s LoRa propriety chip SX127x and ST’s ultra-low power MCU STM32L07x. RHF0M003 LoraWAN module is targeted application at wireless sensor network,AMR, wearable devices and others IOT devices powered by battery which need low power consumption to extend the battery life.

Main Features

  • Low power consumption: 1.4uA sleep current in WOR mode
  • Ultra Small size: 14mm X 20mm
  • 18 pins SMT package
  • Operating frequency band option
  • High performance: RHF0M003-LF20: TXOP=20dBm@434MHz/470MHz RHF0M003-HF20: TXOP=20dBm@868MHz/915MHz -139dBm sensitivity for SF12 with 125KHz BW 160dB link budget, suitable for long range
  • User-friendly interface LPUART/USART/I2C/USB、2×ADC、10×GPIOs
  • Support global LoRaWAN protocol,RHF0M003-LF20: EU433, CN470 and CN470Prequel,RHF0M003-HF20: EU868, US915 and US915Hybrid, CN779, AU915, AS923, KR920, IN865。