Product Description

RHF0M301 8 channels LoRaWAN Module is a high performance and small size module embedded with Semtech’s powerful LoRa/LoRaWAN gateway chip SX1301. The application of this 8 channels LoRa/LoraWAN gateway module is targeted at wireless sensor network,AMR and others IOT applications. It could help customer speed up their design on LoRa/LoRaWAN gateway. This module could be customized for the operation band. Now 434MHz, 470 to 510MHz, 780MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz are supported.

Main Features

  • Small size: 63mm X 40mm
  • 24 pins DIP package, easy to be integrated into a gateway
  • Band options: 434MHz / 470MHz / 780MHz / 868MHz / 915MHz
  • 10 programmable parallel demodulation paths
  • 49 LoRa demodulators and 1 GFSK demodulator embedded
  • Automatic adaptive to spreading factor from SF12 to SF7 in each of 8 channels
  • High performance: -142.5dBm sensitivity @300bps,27dBm max output power
  • User-friendly interface: SPI connection
  • GPS PPS input is available for synchronization, reserved for LoRaWAN Class B
  • Single +5V supply
  • Support LoRaWAN protocol, Class A, Class B and Class C