LoRa Gateways - RHF2S024


Product Description

RisingHF 8 Channels LoRaWAN Home gateway RHF2S024 is an easy installation indoor gateway based on LoRaWAN protocol, which is embedded with Semtech’s high performance multi-channel transceiver SX1308 and MTK platform. The Gateway could connect to LoRaWAN Cloud server via Ethernet network or Wifi. The home GW inlcude 3 modes: AP, STA and PPPoE as Router. Only one RJ45 port is provided but with WAN/LAN switch automatically. The Home GW is targeted to be used in smart hotel, smart building, smart home, indoor smart parking and as a supplement for the industrial outdoor gateway.

Main Features

  • P27dBm max output power
  • High sensitivity with -141dBm@300bps
  • Half duplex mode for LoRaWAN communication
  • LoRaWAN uplink: 8 normal multi-SF channels (SF7 to SF12,125kHz), 1 single SF high speed data rate channel and 1 GFSK channel
  • LoRaWAN downlink: 1 normal channel(125kHz/250kHz/500kHz LoRa configurable or GFSK)
  • Communication data rate 292bps~ 50kbps
  • Support LoRaWAN Class A/C
  • WIFI 2.4GHz, Compatible with WLAN 802.11b/g/n
  • AP mode
  • Station mode
  • PPPoE mode to connect to network
  • 1xLoRaWAN Antenna, 1xWIFI Antenna
  • LoRaWAN antenna Gain: 0dBi default
  • WIFI antenna Gain: 5dBi default
  • 10/100M Ethernet, LAN/WAN switch automatically via one RJ45
  • Configurable via WIFI or LAN
  • LED status for Power/WIFI/LoRaWAN/USB
  • DC 12V input
  • Indoor use
  • Operating frequency bands (Option when order): 434MHz, 470MHz/510MHz, 780MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz.