2G BoB - xE910_BoB


t910 BoB " is a formative with a microBUS structure. It is an effective and easy solution for adding GSM/GPRS/3G solutions into your design. It features the Telit GE910-QUAD or UE910-EUR module, a SMA connector for an antenna, a SIM CARD socket. t910 BoB communicates with the target board microcontroller via microBUS   ( Rx, Tx, Rx2, Tx2, RTS, CTS, Reset, GPIOs ).  The Audio Connector is compatible with Iphone, Samsung, HTC headsets. It has two LED  diodes  for  power indicator and status.



900 / 1800/1900  MHz @ BoB_2G

850 / 900 / 1800/ 1900 /2100 MHz @ BoB_3G

*Control via AT commands: 

GSM 27.005 ,27.007 and Telit custom AT Commands

*Embedded Programming:  Python 2.7 

*Interfaces: SIM, 2 UART, Antenna, Analog & Digital Audio

*3 GPIO Ports available

*FOTA (Firmware Over the Air)

*Header Form Factor

*PCB Dimension: 62.00  x  28.4 mm

*Power (Green) - Status(Red) LEDs



*M2M ( Machine to Machine ) Systems

*Wireless Sensor Networks

*Home and Building Automation

*Wireless Alarm and Security Systems

*Industrial Monitoring and Control

*Irrigation Systems

*Temperature and Humidity Tracking Systems.